Passages Malibu Is California’s Top Drug Rehab Center

Passages Malibu, a top drug rehab in California rated #1 by Healthcare Global, has helped thousands of clients all over the world safely and naturally rid themselves of drug and alcohol addiction. With a full team of high-end specialists and a customized Treatment Program that’s different for each client, Passages Malibu is one of the “most luxurious places” to receive all-natural top drug and alcohol rehab according to Forbes Magazine.

Passages Malibu is a 10-acre campus outfitted with world-class amenities such as a professional spa, gym (with trainers), full-sized tennis courts, puting greens, pools, and other inspirational architecture. You’ll be surrounded in constant elegance as you heal from addiction in your own private detox suite overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The Passages Malibu Treatment Program is a unique assemblage of traditional therapies and counseling mixed with alternative holistic modalities. We always stress individualized one-on-one therapy sessions over group therapy. As a top drug rehab facility, we have a wide variety of techniques to bring you wellness, from Aroma and Art Therapy to massage, acupuncture and dozens of other treatment options.

Passages Malibu offers a team of highly-trained and certified addiction specialists, 5-star residential facilities, and plenty of follow-up care with an Aftercare Coordinator. These factors, combined with a beautiful year-round Mediterranean environment, creates a top drug rehab center that only Malibu can provide. Please call our Admissions Department today to learn more about what Passages Malibu can do for you and your future.


Passages Malibu Co-Founders Chris and Pax Prentiss

Though he came from a loving background, Pax Prentiss was addicted to alcohol, cocaine and heroin for ten years before asking for help from his father, Chris. Pax told his father all about what he was doing behind the family’s back – pawning his belongings, forging checks, scamming credit card companies and even outright stealing. Only when he was hospitalized and ostracized from all social circles did he reach out for help.

Chris truly wanted to end his 10-year struggle with drugs and alcohol. However, every conventional program failed to properly assist him in one way or another. All of the 12-step programs were designed to force him to admit that he was helpless. Other programs made him feel equally undesirable and were not effective in getting to the root of his addiction.

Discourage with modern society’s approach to addiction, Chris and Pax began researching other ways to heal from drugs and alcohol. This worldly approach eventually enabled Pax to address his addiction to drugs and alcohol from a positive place. He was able to get to the underlying cause of the problem and heal himself in mind, body and spirit.

Chris and Pax founded Passages Malibu on the one-year-anniversary of Pax’s sobriety in 2001. As a top drug rehab facility, Passages Malibu employs the same principles that let Pax heal himself through positivity and self-discovery. When you are ready to heal yourself from an addiction to drugs and alcohol with a positive customized Treatment Program, then call Passages Malibu.