More About Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu exists only because one many was able to be honest with himself and his family after years of trying hide his addiction to drugs and alcohol. Pax Prentiss did not tell his father, Chris, about his addiction to alcohol, cocaine and heroin for ten long years until finally things became impossible to hide. Pax had lied, cheated and stolen his way deeper into addiction one day he was in the hospital without any friends.

Chris could see that his son was no longer interested in consuming drugs and alcohol. He wanted his son to improve his condition, so enrolled Pax into the most expensive and exclusive drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers available. However, no matter if it was a 12-step program or an emergency room, Pax seemed unable to refrain from drugs and alcohol for very long. Chris knew that Pax was trying his best, but his son was growing frustrated and depressed with the general lack of success.

After numerous failures, they realized the problem was not with Pax, but with his treatment. Twelve-step programs made Pax feel terrible about himself because they referred to him as an “addict” with a “disease” who needed to admit he was helpless. Group therapies were too embarrassing, and the leadership was not as effective as they were hoping for.

Chris and Pax knew they had to turn their backs on modern addiction treatments and find a way on their own. They began to research other methods from around the world. Pax was eventually able to put together his own series of non-12-step exercises that were free from harsh language and negative stereotyping.

Pax was able to use a powerful blend of Eastern and Western thinking to deeply reflect on himself and his current predicament. By empowering himself through holistic modalities, Pax was able to get past his feelings on depression, anxiety and low self-esteem and focus on building a better life purpose. With these issues resolved, his urge to use drugs and alcohol soon faded away.

Pax and Chris knew they had stumbled onto something amazing went on to establish Passages Malibu in 2001. Passages Malibu has an openminded approach and similar treatment methods to those that helped Pax achieve permanent sobriety. Thousands of clients now travel to Passages Malibu to seek the all-natural help they need to successfully remove themselves from drugs and alcohol and discover a more fulfilling life.

Pax has gone on to raise a family and spreads help with Passages Malibu and other top California rehab centers. When you feel ready to get stop your addiction in a positive way that promotes health and harmonious living, then give Passages Malibu a call. A representative from our Admissions Department is waiting to hear all about your story and discuss at length all of your available treatment options.