How to Tell if You Need Top Drug Rehab from Passages Malibu (5 Signs)

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you have a drug and alcohol addiction. You may be feeling okay when in reality important aspects of life are being neglected due to a problem with drugs and alcohol. Here are 5 ways how to identify if you could benefit from top drug rehab at Passages Malibu.

  • Erratic mood swings
  • Forgetting personal hygiene
  • A dramatic change in sleeping habits
  • No interest in hobbies or other activities
  • Otherwise behaving far differently than normal

If you are worried about drugs and alcohol and have been exhibiting one or more of these signs, then a top drug rehab center like Passages Malibu may be of benefit.

Getting Top Drug Rehab Help for Someone Else . . .

If you are concerned about someone close to you, be sure to do the following when suggesting help:

  • Empathize – Don’t accuse them of anything. Ask them general questions that are not critical or veiled commands. Show interest in their answers, not contempt.
  • Set boundaries – Make it clear that you are no longer willing to enable them to continue to abuse drugs and alcohol. For example, banning drugs and alcohol from your home is a healthy boundary to establish.
  • Establish responsibility – The goal is to make the person you care about accept responsibility for their decisions. There are many ways to do this without making them feel guilty or defensive.
  • Find help yourself – If you are involved with the person’s drug and alcohol addiction, then you cannot make someone seek treatment without getting help yourself. Make sure they know you are willing to receive top drug rehab treatments as well.

Things Not to Say

  • Guilt – Try not to say dramatic statements such as “you’re killing me” or “you’re ruining this family”. Even though it may feel this way (and even be true in some cases), this will probably just make them want to escape their feelings of guilt by abusing drugs and alcohol.
  • Anger – Some people hide their sadness behind anger, but this does not help the issue. Don’t shout at them that they “have” to stop. The goal is to get them to accept help on their own.
  • Coldness – Some people isolate themselves as a way to protect themselves from getting hurt. The person needs for you to show them love, not indifference. Now is the time to show your vulnerable side and communicate love and respect to them.


Get Top Drug Rehab with Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu is a top-rated California rehab center with modern facilities and a revolutionary program revolving around self-reflection and respect. Please contact our Admissions Department to learn more about how to cope with a drug and alcohol addiction. We can even provide direct assistance if needed, so please call today.